Brisbane Sunday Random Round Robin.

Next Sunday the 4th of June we are going to have a small round robin tourny. Its five bucks to play then teams are drawn out of a hat, all teams play off against each other then the top two teams play off for the cash. Registration is at 12 for a 1 o’clock kick off, other events and small races (space invaders, urban velo and shoeing) will also occur, so hope you all can make it, see you then.

ok some update, the proper date is sunday 5th and we are going to start the day alot earlier so we can get all the games in and all the extra stuff into the day. see you there

earlier then 12?

Do you disapprove?

more so a question.

i lol’d

ok so registration time is 10 for a start time at 11. I’ll be there early to help set up the court and get things ready, has anybody got anything they’d like brought down?

Geordie if I am unable to come until about 12md do you think I’d still be able to get into a game?

yeah azz i’ll see what i can do it should be ok see you there at 12.

Thanks once again for a brilliant arvo of polo.
Great to see a couple of new guys turning up too.
I am always impressed at how open and inviting you all are to new players. It’s a rare thing these days.

I saw a few cameras there so it’d be good to see some photos.

Thanks again