Brisbane track carnivals.

Time to enter gentleman, assured of at least four races ech evening, more if you get through the heats !
Yet to come away without recouping my entry !

if you’ve got a favourite event you’d like included, let me know, always open for sensible suggestions.

Go to the CQ calendar .
Event Calendar

Kangaroo Point 15th dec
WRCC 22 nd
Balmoral 23 rd

You will need a licence, no 3 day permits accepted.
Also must wear approved sponsors, club or plain kit.

What, or how, can ‘sponsor approval’ be had?

I know we’ve had this out previously, and I still think its ridiculous, but in all seriousness, how can we get approval to wear the Gear Brisbane kit? Perhaps we can talk about this outside of the public arena?

meh ill probs get in trouble for saying what i was going to say…

It’s a joke Scott I’ve been down this path, it’s a big lump sum then about $80 per rider or some thing redonkuless
Just wear a plain kit.

Get a flesh coloured skin suit.

Tempted by this…

Actually they made it a lot simpler, and a bit cheaper, but being in different clubs can make it awkward.
i would suggest you all join the same club next year, you’ll need a transfer form from your existing club it’s free.
i would suggest talking to some of the clubs, BCRI springs to mind, pm I can give you more info.
so just suck up and then if the office gets around to it gear team can operate from next year!

If it’s now easier lets do it,
Although I will have to run it by the team manager and my other sponsers

It is a lot easier if you are all in the same club, and that club is happy for you to have a team within in it.
That is why I am suggesting BCRI, but talk to them first, tell Ben I sent you :wink:
There is a form you need signed from your current club as above, it is to say that you don’t owe them anything and you are released. It is free from 31 dec, mid season transfer between clubs there is a cost.

I want a Gear cap !!! ERIK???

Balmoral entries close tonight, wynum is now a late entry.
get in there gentlemen, if you don’t support these events they will cease to exist in coming years!