Brisbane Track Day

OK, we discussed the idea of ‘hiring’ out a velodrome two weeks ago, and how we all want to give it a go. So…Who do I need to speak too? Who is interested if it can be organised? When or what day/night suits the majority of us?

Lets all get ready for the upcoming track season? (I already asked and sadly they dont allow sushi bars on the track…unlucky!)

Ahh…doing dumb things together!!!

I’d like to give it a bash. I reckon I’ll be pretty shit, but that won’t stop me :wink: Sat morn, or maybe a weeknight, like Mon-Wed?

Do they have learner nights or something similar?

Also, none of us have ‘for realz’ track bikes, do they allow forward facing dropouts on the track? Otherwise it’s hire bikes for us.

At least my brake is easy to remove, thanks to the 'cross lever.

Hmm, 42x16 won’t cut it, 44x15 may work with the same chain and give me the inches I need (without nasal spray technology). Or 46/13! Time for a new chain I think.

Are you telling us that nasal spray tech actually works???

In the ‘auld days’, you just had to go over to the swimming complex and pay your $8 for two hours (or whatever) and show that you wouldn’t be alone on the track (bring a friend). You could ride road bikes, roller blades or whatever (mind you, they didn’t do hire bikes then). This would get you time on the track but not exclusively, although some riders thought so, when you’d join them on the track. Some organised track sessions have exclusive use of the track though.

Just ring the Sleeman Sports Complex to find out the current situation and to steer clear of exclusive sessions (not likely, track season is finished). Nighttime will be ‘considerable cost’. Those lights aren’t cheap!

Please see the reply I just rec’d…a bargin. I will be going there next week (say Wednesday night at this stage).

[b]Hi Ryan,

The velodrome can be booked on a casual basis for $4.00 per person per

To make a booking please ring 3131 9611.

Any questions please call.