[Brisbane] Wife's Stolen Handbag

Hi Everyone. Apologise for posting this here but thought I would give the online community a try.

On 07/01/12 my wife’s handbag was stolen from a restaurant in Sunnybank, Brisbane, by two dark skinned teenagers. We chased on foot, but they got into a stolen car and drove off.

I’m hoping that they dumped the bag and stuff. Items are:

Mimco Handbag (image below)
Mimco Wallet (image below)
Olympus TG810
Iphone 4 - black with white polkadots
Keyset with white letter R keyring with coloured diamante and eiffel tower keyring

If any of this is found PM me or hand into Brisbane Police.

Again, my apologise to place this here. I won’t go into a sob story about this but any help would be greatly appreciated.



not sure if it will be of much help, but i will keep an eye out in carindale / coorparoo area. sorry to hear…

will check the bay / gumtree every so often for that camera too.

Thanks heaps mate.

Small Update. Fuckwits caught, handbag found but contents still missing.

Good news that the culprits were apprehended. Hope that when they are finger-printed & mug-shot photographed, that they are pinged for their other offences too.

Might be a long-shot, but ask the police oic to seek a restitution order when the matter goes to court.

Sorry to hear it Paolo.

It didn’t have my head set spanners in it by any chance?

ps come see my new rig, it’s sikka!!!


Yeah! Will do mate! Been meaning to give you a call. Might try this weekend.

Definitely trying to do this but I think that because they are under 18 and most likely don’t have a job, we’re going to get squat.

Thanks for the advice.