Brisbanites in Canberra

My band, Marathon is heading to Canberra on the 26th of March as part of a weekend trip down south.

Don’t really know anything about the Canberra Fixed scene, so I dont know if people on here would be into it. But if you are, it looks like it would be an awesome show.

Here is a flyer.

We have our own music genre? Rad!

haha, awesome. that venue isn’t too bad, either.

I won’t be going as it’s not my sort of music… but where is the Warehouse in Fyshwick? I was wondering where Hardcore gigs were held.

I went to a rave there a couple of weekends ago – it’s an old Elgas depot / store of some sort.

Google Maps thinks it’s a catering shop?

just thought i would give this a bump since it is this friday.

just played two shows with i exist on the weekend up here. good band great dudes.

Maybe this could be the friday night ride destination?

Awesome idea lets do it

Sweet, keen as!

see you guys tomorrow night. i’ll be the guy playing bass in marathon.