Brissie to the bay - 28th May

Sunday 28th may is the anual brisbane to the bay fun ride to raise funds for MS. The route is 55km, fairly flat and is a fun morning ride.

Details are at

We had a pretty good fixed turn out for the mall to mall, so lets see if we can beat it this time!

Not sure if I will be here or down in Melbourne. I am booked to fly home on the Sat night, and it that plan remains then I will come for that ride.

Would love to, but I’ll be in the Bass Strait until the 31st. No bikes there sadly.

i’ll be there, see you at the staging area.

I’m there

umm, brooke and i forgot about reg, so we have to sign up on the day.
that means i’ll be there about 0530hrs, maybe a bit earlier.
don’t know the layout of the park, but if anyone does, where do you want to stage out of?
let me know and i’ll meet you there.

Looks like you’re still good for online registration - I only did mine last night, the site says register “by 5:00 pm Friday 26 May”.

The park is a long skinny affair wrapping around the point, no idea just where the ride is based, and will be most conjested. How 'bout we meet up at the playground area right opposite Drury Street??

Last year it started right in the middle of the road running along orleigh park.

The end of drury street is probably as good a spot as any.

See you all there

I may be back in-time if I can arrange flights etc etc. Five in the morning is a bit rough…

bleah. slight change in plans.
i got door prized today and cracked a couple of ribs. it’s fine, but my riding will be even more slug like than usual.
be warned and fore-armed.
will see you all there.

Lupine, Inane, Rogaine and Rhino showed up, along with some 3495 other riders. We rolled along and met up along the way. A good 55km…highlights;
-waiting for Inane to throw up all the cocktails from last night.
-stopping for beers at my place half-way through the ride.

  • coffee at the end.