Brissy Photog's

Hey Lads

Any one in Brissy pro Photog’s

Got my official Aust wedding in Brissy on the 7th of June and need some pics taken for about an hour…

Let me know

I got a mate

Matt leasegang is the new Andy White

Is this a free gig? I’d offer but I’m a fairly shit photographer.

I’m happy to pay for someones services but it will only be for about an hour so most pro’s aren’t keen

Hit up Gary Moore… Nate’s (prolly2) dad. He is good. Recommended.
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thanks dave!

on a side note have you spoken to him recently? just dropped a ton on broncolour stuff for the studio!

Adrian my mates are great at what they do but there surf photog’s.
This means if the waves are god they will probably forget your wedding, they may do that any way hahah
if Nates dad will do an hour id do that, Plus he’s local.

Nate’s dad is a legend.