Brissy shop blokes help

Hey Brissy shop blokes, this is a bit 11th hr but I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on a bike located in Brisvegas - wonder of there’s a shop bloke among you who could/would help facilitate the transaction & shipping if the deal goes ahead.

Would probably involve I pay you, seller delivers, you pay him, pack & ship to me, charge me whatever you think is reasonable for your efforts and boundless kharmic goodwill comes your way.


Maybe contact Gear in Brisbane?

The guys at GEAR sent a bike down to Melbourne a few months back.

Just bid on it if it is about to go. We will work it out.

Do you know what suburb it is in? I might be able to pick it up and drop it at GEAR so a courier can do the rest.

yeh, erik at gear packed a bike for shipping to sydney for me a month or 2 back. and el brado was even going to collect it for me (but didnt need to in the end). he did a nice packing job. i think it was transdirect or something that i used for couriering, only around 30 clams to sydney.

Good one, thanks EB. PM’d.