Briz 531

Bought a box lot off e-bay sunday night with 6 bikes (3worthwhile) and have built this out of the various stuff that i got.
Frame & Fork- 531
Bar and stem will be changed over to the Cinelli combo that came with the deal and a Mtb lever will be strapped on the top of those.
Cranks- Zeus Pista
Hubs- Zeus
Rims- Fiamme
Saddle- Brooks Profeshional Team
Brake and Levers- Weinman centre pull
Other things in the pipe line as well just waiting on the next New start check :roll: :smiley:

And the obligitory chain line shot.

how much did the lot end up going for? That cinelli stem sure was nice

Paid 375. The road version of that stem sold on bay last night for 380 :-o Made me reconsider what i should be riding to uni :?

Oh it’s oh so close, frame is at the powder coaters, wheels should be here today, brakes and post in at Ridgeways on thurs, plus all the other goodies that are sitting on the bench in anticipation. Thank you very much tax return! Although I’m now the brokest bloke in broke town. Looking forward to “Missing Lanes” Is anyone riding the valley on thurs night? Hoping to have it ready by then.

Can I ask how much ball park for Powder coating. Shops I have called are real
cagey and won’t give a ball park figure unless they see the frame. I don’t want to
pull my road bike apart until I have an idea on cost.
In Brisbane right? Who have you used?


Picked it up today. I asked Paul at Ridgeways and he sent me to Northside Powdercoating. It was 120 for blast, colour and clear. The finish is great but there’s a spot where some grease leaked out of a lug and stained the clear and none of the threads were covered correctly. Bit frustrating but it’ll be ok. He did offer to re-do it to get rid of the stain but I couldn’t be arsed. Only took 2 day which was nice. They’re out at everton hills, about 25 mins from the city.

Thanks for that sounds pretty reasonable.
Look forward to pics of the completed bike.

Been riding it around for a wile now, loving every second. Not so clean in these photos cause I had to hike through a bit of mud to where the road crew wouldn’t see me but you don’t get to many chances to walk out on the ICB and take photos. (Tunnel flodded last night and it’s shut)

Frame: Omega 531 with 700c alloy fork.
Wheels: Phil, Op’s, Ti spokes
Pedals: XT spd’s
Saddle: Serfas Furano
Cranks: Andel

The rest is stuff that I dug up at Ridgeways and e-bay.

She loves the peak hour.