Brizbane to Byron - or bust

NDF and I talked about the idea about riding to Byron bay, staying the night and then riding home the next day. Sure we had beers in our hands when we talked about it, but it did and still does sound like a bloody fantastic idea. Around 170km each way, a bit shorter if we start in the gold coast.

Anyone slightly interested in this adventure?

PS: speedos for byron bay not included…

I would be interested, but it will depend on when you decide to do it. My weekends are pretty booked up for the next 3-4 weeks.

Thats the spirt Inane…good to hear your keen. In a months time seems perfect…NDF, what do you think?

I’ll start organising the accommodation. I have a great route in mind… but it’s more like 210km - back roads, countryside and a few climbs. Speedos should be optional, but no shirt… no ride!