Broken a Frame??

This is now what my Columbus Carbon Frame looks like now

How’d that happen? You must be pissed.

Damn, sorry to see this.

Tell us the gory details…

Sheesh, what happened? Crash or just from riding?
I’m going to guess just from riding because crabon tends to asplode when crashed :|.
I think it’s time to sell my crabon.

Were you channeling Bradley Wiggins at the time Ox?

Out of the saddle over a rail bridge in Pascovale Rd on a training ride doing nothing special or stupid (different for me I know)… Just sent the pics and claim to the new bringers in of Rocky Mountain to let them know that “Rocky Mountain understand there have been instances of the Head Tube seperating on a few models of there Solo road bikes and frame will be replaced under warranty due to this fault”… Lets see what happens…

so… it just gave without warning?

Ohhhhh No… Like a gun shot… Worst thing was having to complete a group ride holding the bike together for the last 20K…

Everything has been sent off, now I just have to wait and see if I get a new one from Rocky Mountain.