broken Lance?

No, not the 1954 classic Spencer Tracy western, but…

TDF in doubt? Broken collarbone? Hook him up with Tyler Hamilton’s (2003) pharmacist…

No way, plenty of time to recover for that.

Giro must be looking dead and buried though.

i dont think he was ever going to do anything with the Giro anyway, its all about the TDF

actually the Giro was a close second in priority for him

CN: Is the Tour de France your number one goal for 2009?
LA: I think that is fair to say. The Giro is a close second. There is not doubt that it [the Tour] is the biggest bike race in the world. It is the one people know in Italy, India and Indiana.

i think he wants contador to win the Giro. That way Contador doesnt get itchy for the yellow and Lance can have a shot.

Thats nothing to worry about. No doubt he’ll get a pin put in it, re-alignment, and be back on the bike as soon as there’s no pain… about a week.
My younger brother broke his collarbone, and was back on the bike within 2 weeks, he was running the day after the operation…

But your younger brother isn’t 35 is he?

And I’ve heard that you boys are made of some special stuff that protects you from everything - even cars at 90kph? :-o

I heard that Alberto started the stage with a polo mallet and was seen eyeing off Sir Lancelot’s spokes. :evil: