broken wheel nut?

hey guys was taking off my rear wheel today and the nut just feel off in too piece’s

what can i do about this?

It happens, I’d suggest buying a new nut.

can you just get them from your local?

You shouldn’t have too much trouble if you go to a popper bike shop.

loctite…lots of loctite. maybe a bit of electrical tape.

Had this happen before, Just try and not tighten your wheel onto the frame too hard. it should stop it from happening in the future.

And any bike shop should have the locknuts.

I wouldn’t sugest listening to this champion :roll: As long as your using a regular spanner you can crank em up pretty hard.

Is this happened with a velocity hub?

I had the same issue on velocity wheels, just replaced it by any nut that I found at my local bike shop.

you had shit nuts.

now you need new nuts.

go buy some good nuts.

good nuts are important.

this reminds me of the time my boss was looking incredulously at a set of headset bearings:
“these are REALLY tiny balls”
I almost spat my coke across the workshop wall.

If this did happen on a velocity wheels set they were replacing them for free ask your lbs. I have been told it can happen from badly aligined dropouts but it could be there a bit weak, the ones which are coming on velocity branded hubs.

Maybe, for the sake of those who have no sense of humour, I need to rephrase that.

loctite…lots of loctite. maybe a bit of electrical tape. TOUNGUE IN CHEEK

Hopfully that clears it up.