Broken Wrist Rehab

Hi all,

I fractured my wrist in a couple of places (both radius and ulna) 4 weeks ago now, and have had it in a back slab (plaster splint and bandage) since then. It is definitely starting to feel better and I am getting more use out of it, although it is still a fair way off feeling normal.

I gather I’m not the only one to have done a mischief to themselves like this so I was wondering what the consensus is on the right time to get back on the bike, any hints around rehabbing my arm and any tips on easing back into daily riding. Ultimately will be guided by the doc but interested in hearing other’s experiences with a similar accident.


Doctors advice would be best, but maybe seek out a sports/cycling savvy physio to get some pertinent advice.
I can only advise on knees, sorry.

Shouldn’t take any more than 6-8 weeks to heal, but it depends on your age and your bodie’s healing abilities. If your doctor wants you to wait a little longer, probably best to follow their advice, or seek a second opinion from an otho specialist. An incorrectly healed bone due to premature weight bearing could take even longer to correct. Remember to keep up a diet high in calcium, vitamin K and C as well as lysine. If you smoke, stop. Don’t self medicate with anti inflammatories or any other medications that could retard bone healing.

anti inflams retard bone healing?
never heard of that one.

I do know that your body not being in pain accelerates tissue repair, whether that applies to bone growth as well would make sense.

as said before 6-8 weeks is standard for a fracture to repair, but it does depend on the fracture, how well you have kept it immobilised to heal over that period, as well as your age, diet and capacity to heal.

If you fractured your radius and ulna you probably will have muscle atrophy and possibly tendon atrophy too…
Even an initial consultancy with a physio will tell you what you can and cannot do, where you should be careful and where you can push yourself (and what exercises are most applicable for you)

Got any links to credible study results to back that up?
Curious is all :wink:

I did read that as well somewhere. I hope the cortisone injection I had in my shoulder the week before my stack didn’t make things worse :expressionless:

Thanks for the feedback too, looks like a trip to a physio needs to be on my agenda. Don’t suppose anyone can recommend a good one within 10kms of Ascot Vale?

Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic Dr Charlie Schall is a great physion and a keen cyclist, but myabe not 10km from Ascot Vale.
Got me back road racing my motorbike 4 weeks after an ACL replacement in my right knee.

quote function isnt working; “anti inflams retard bone healing?
never heard of that one.”
“Got any links to credible study results to back that up?”
These are the articles i found through a quick search on medline. Unless you are a current university student, you probably dont have access to the fulltext, but summaries of findings shouldn’t be too hard to find with other search engines.

Leonelli SM; Goldberg BA; Safanda J; Bagwe MR; Sethuratnam S; King SJCyclo-oxygenase 2 function is essential for bone fracture healing. 2006. American Journal Of Orthopedics

Noor M. Gajraj M.D., F.R.C.A.The effect of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors on bone healing 2003. Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management, Eugene McDermott Center for Pain Management, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
Altman RD; Latta LL; Keer R; Renfree K; Hornicek FJ; Banovac KEffect of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs on fracture healing: a laboratory study in rats. 1995. Department of Medicine, University of Miami School of Medicine.

broke my right wrist a few years back and took 11weeks to heal… was quite nasty and my arm hasn’t been straight since

to help keep your muscles in use and prevent atrophy i used to squeeze a squash ball in my fingers.
don’t push it too hard too early because the pain can get quite gnarly, but any little bit of exercise can definitely help.

good luck with it bud

<a href=“Practitioners | Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic”>dr andrew garnham</a>

he’s the bloke who looks after the cycling program at the VIS.

probably a better resource than a bunch of doofusses on an internet forum.