Brooks x Vans collab.

I know how we all like a good collaboration…


Tis nice.

Try and get a hold of the whole Vans Vault catalogue! Its amazing.
Some of the other collabs are also on the same level as these.

Very nice though I’m assuming there going to be in the 200+ price range.

Yeah, the Gabe Morford Vans were $200 at Supply, I think.

I’m trying to focus on buying less but these…

credit where credit’s due- cames across this via the fine DoubleOh2 blog

or here…,11468.0.html


The shops probably by them from Vans for a 1/8th of the price. It’s disgusting but we all need to feed the family.


they suck almost as much as Brooks saddles

Do they ‘wear in’ as slowly as a brooks saddle? Ha

When and where are these going to be released? Perfect winter shoe, minus those ugly laces.

collaborations are the new black

LOL these are terrible


Any further release date detail?

if these are made to the same exacting standards as brooks bar tape they will surely last 2 months or less

something about this seems fake… anyway.

p.s. brooks handlebar tape rules!

Hating stuff that is popular is the new black.

They are legit and avaliable later this year (aka “fall” in the northern hemisphere countries).

Vans Vault x Brooks Fall 2010 – Era |