Bruce Gordon group order

Hey all,

Thinking of getting some Bruce Gordon tires in the near future. Just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone would want a pair and chip in on shipping. Would be easy/cheap enough for me to send them to you from Canberra when they get here.

I’m yet to contact them about how much shipping is, but figured i’d check here first.



I’m keen on a pair of BG Rock’n’roads or the Soma Cazadero tyres if anyone else wants in on those, I could set up a group order for those.

Ditto, keep me in the loop.

Good luck, the dollar is going to hurt

That would be cool

Emailed them, still no reply.
They’re $77ea before shipping which I think is still decent. Quite a bit cheaper than the Cazaderos too.

$77USD or AUD?

Oh yep, $77AUD.

Interested parties - i’ve emailed them 3 times now with no reply, so i’m leaving it for now.

Might just get 40c WTB Nanos.

Thanks though.

I found a guy in Brisbane selling rock n roads., looks like free shipping too, $175 for a pair

Anyone have a place in mind for 700 x 42 cazaderos? Does commuter have them? Saw this post and thought maybe they do, but then maybe they dont
I’m sort of surprised that people are still chasing down rock n roads… people aren’t wearing through the centreline (of rear especially) too quickly? The cazadero (still) looks the best mixed surface tyre around to me.

they probably do, give em a call

I’m tempted to give them a go.
Seb has a pair but I can’t remember where he got them from

Got them from commuter.

I might be interested in selling mine.