BRUISE BROS 13/3/2010

Mmmm fresh meat from uni, and those mad mofos from the BC squad are up for another beating.

map of start

Let’s hit it :sunglasses:

Hell yeah, paddle boats!

Sweet! need any post manners? My hand is up

Carding … yeah … I’m kinda skint at the moment.

Anyone got access to print facilities?

I don’t have access to printing, but I am happy putting up signs or poster’s in Mal’s.

Thanks Stan. I’m sure I can print a dozen A3 posters at work on the sly.

Cards are the hard part. Always. It’s the $170 that should’ve been spent on groceries that hurts.

I can help with printing. Cards’ll be tough but lemme know what u need dude

Sorry mate, don’t have access to any free printing am happy to pick up/distribute flyers and posters though.
Anyone own/have access to a laminator? Laminated cards printed on paper may be a cheaper option?

Hey guys, I might rock up to this, it looks heaps fun. I"ve been out of town for a couple of years.


Gnarly. Toodles, you wanna email me your phone number? Could def use some help with postering this weekend.

I can help with postering too if you want, used to do that stuff for all the old dnb nights.

let me know. I have Saturday arvo free.

It’s my dad’s birthday then but I haven’t been out for a while, I’ll see what’s what.

Sorry Stretch, Todd took care of the postering this morning.

A sneak preview of the itinerary:

You’ll be issued a card with four locations on it.
The locations will be identified with a coloured marker/banner.
There will be a stamp at each location to hit your card with.
Collect the set - finish at Edgar’s.

Distance ~30km.

Sweet, I’ll be there

dammit! i just found out my footy game has been pushed back to 3pm - i’m gonna miss this one.

You’re skipping the footy? Excellent sense of priorities, my brother.

Bruise Brothers TODAY at 4pm
Acton Ferry Terminal

The checkpoints are up and the weather is GREAT for RIDING and BEER!

So be there :sunglasses:

A small but keen crew rode the gruelling course which took in:

Molonglo Reach
Floodways in North Lyneham
Firetrails to the reservoir at Mt Ainslie

Congratulations to Milto, happy winner of a pair of pimpin’ leather MTB grips, and Keif who scored a shiny new Token 14t cog (man up, Sally!)

Till next time…

48/15 isn’t enough for you is it?!

Awesome ride, bring on the next one

Definitely thinking inner city for the next one. Good suggestion from the guys.