Bruno RISI Corratec

Well Since the RISI is nearly Finished I thought I would get it it’s own thread…

So Here its is… With all three bar combo’s

Sorry for the Trash photo’s

When I got the frame I didn’t have alot of information about it. I knew it was originally sold by Dolici in Italy to a gent in NZ. Later sold to Freckl and then on to me.

I emailed Bruno Risi through his website and 2 weeks later he returned my email and let me know that he remembered the frame minus the glitter clear coat and it was built for him by Corratec in 1992 or 1993. He also said that it didn’t seem to have the original fork.

Frame - 1993 Corratec Track Frame in Columbus SLX New
Fork - Track for with Casati drop outs
Crank - Superbe Pro NJS with 50T NOS Superbe Pro chainring NJS
Pedals - Random with Toshi Straps till I get the Superbe Pro Set
Bottom Bracket - Superbe Pro
Wheelset - Superbe Pro NJS laced to Camagnolo Omega V, 19T roselli Cog, NOS Suntour lock Ring
Seat Post - Custom aeroed Shimano (thanks to Justin)
Seat - NOS Turbo F1
Headset - Velo Orange till I find a Superbe pro one
Stem Bar combo 1 - Unknown Columbus TIG steel stem C-Unit Rizors
Stem Bar combo 2 - 3T Mutant with Nitto Steel B123
Stem Bar combo 3 - Cinelli stem with Mavic Bullhorns

55,5 cm vertical tube
56cm horizontal tube
120 mm rear spacing
110mm front spacing
Columbus slx tubing
Campagnolo drops

Trying to decide which bars feel the best at the moment.

Let me know what you think…

Thanks to Blakey for Fixing my spelling in the heading

Nice job, nice bunch of parts too.

What’s the story with the seatpost?

I like the drops.
The blue wall tyre matches the rear end, but creates the illusion that it’s smaller than the front.If you put a red on the front it would match the coulourway.
looks beautiful in any permutation though, how’s it ride?

I got the Post off Justin (J.K.L.P) Love the shape and look of it.

I am waiting on a Red Conti for the front instead of the Gator.

It rides amazing very happy with it…

Thanks to all the members here that supplied pretty much every part for this build…

This thing looks awesome. The paint is rad. Looks sweet with all bar combos… Not so sure about the splash tape on the 'horns though.

digging the frame heaps!

nice built mate.

It Looks great i prefer rissorz and drops not a big fan of horns.
My street bikes have risers they are just more fun.
Now wheres the next risi.

I’ve had this frame in my hands - the pics don’t covey just how crazy ass over the top blingin’ the paint on this is. Very distinctive and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. More Italian than Italian … almost Russian oligarch wives with nothing better to do than spend money on over the top indulgences. And I love it !!!

Best paint Evah

some non iphone photos would do this so much more justice.

So true, buy a new phone…

love this bike, no pictures will do the paint justice, i like the drops but don’t like that stem, kind of hate 2 tone tyres, all or nothing, are fyxation tyres good? never had one, what ever, nice bike

Amazing frame!
I always dribbled over it when Teva owned it here in New Zealand.


found some better pictures of the paint from one of the previous owners:)

Risi Pista

byline credit thief strikes again!


^ Bar tape, bar plugs, valves/labels…

Sorry brendan…

Will have better pics on thursday

nice build, definitely go the drop bar…