Brunswick Evening Enduro (This Saturday)

Brunswick Evening Enduro is on again this Saturday from 7pm, and this time features something a little different.

The evening will also be host to round two of the Brunswick Club Championships.

Round two is match sprints! Fuck yeah! Good to watch, good to heckle, good to keep an eye on while you smash some beers, eat some popcorn and talk to attractive cyclists in the grandstand.

The evening will also include the usual events… paced points, last man standing elimination, etc…

Will be a good night of racing, fun and shenanigans. Come on down!


from 7pm. but you’ll probably be working anyways.

Has this become a running joke?

No its a riding joke

This is not getting enough love.

i laughed (politely)… partly out of fear of benny :stuck_out_tongue:

xBBx - are you competing or heckling this time?

i’ll do the sprints. hopefully i’ll be healthier by then.

I went to the last one of these expecting very little. but it was freakin rad!. I drank some beers, I listened to some blisteringly witty commentary, I finished my beers and started drinking nikCee’s beers, more hilarious commentary, watched Benny Tatts be a hard man, ate some watermelon. seriously - everyone should come.

oh yeah and there was some cycling.

I’ll come, especially if Cee bones doing crowd hand outs

Probably dumb question, but Chaz confused me as is his way…is this at DISC?

only if you are as awesome as Archi-Chaz…

HMC - i’d guess if its an ‘enduro’ it can only really be held in the delightful surrounds of harrison st velo.

It’s at Harrison St Velodrome, Harrison St, Brunswick East.

Yeah I was hoping for a bit more love, i made myself chuckle for a good few minutes…

CeeBone, don’t be scared, unless you see my left eye twitching, i’m generally a pretty gentle human…

Looks like I’ll be stealing your beer off Chaz. Again.

"Saturday 20th @ Harrison st Velodrome. Juniors: 1pm, Seniors: 6pm

The sprint session will be held at the outdoor velodrome on Saturday 20th, in conjunction with the Evening Enduro. Please note: Juniors will be run from 1pm. Seniors will be run from 6pm, and enduro races will be held between sprint rounds in the senior program. Riders from other clubs may ride for a 200m time, but they are not eligible for sprint rounds. All riders will be able to ride enduro events on the night, even (or especially?) after elimination from the sprint. Please check the Enduro program (TBA) for more details."

ps. you guys know you’ll probably be able to buy beers at the kiosk, right?

I’m confused :expressionless:
Cee-bone’s gonna buy beers from the kiosk, and then give them to Chaz for his awesomeness… then I have to steal them off Chaz?

already drunk them :roll:

ha ha! I was just about to post this

“yep - provided benzy hasn’t taken them by then…”

but he beat me.

Beat you like I’ll beat him with his own Sidi’s for the beer. This beer fight is gonna be Juvie styles.