Brunswick Keirin Night - designers?

ok, so brunswick cycling club are having an A grade keirin night on the 24th of november. it will be excellent.

but why this is in fixed gear rather than melbourne is that i thought some of the more skilled design heads out there might like to have a crack at putting together the poster for it.

necessary info is:

Brunswick Cycling Club presents
A Grade Keirin Night
24th November, 7.30.
Darebin Indoor Sports Centre.
for more info email

themes are up to you, but it’s keirin racing, so japanese style would suit.

i need design ideas by next tuesday, when i will present them to the race committee, who will then choose their favourites. the winner will be subjected to the xbbx hype machine, which basically means flogging it on here, my blog and facebook.


olympic keirin or japanese keirin?

the japanese one has more elbows and barging allowed and thus is more excellent (but could be seen as less good for the actual riders and their very expensive bikes)

oh, bumping is definitely encouraged on keirin night. unless it’s me getting bumped. surprises the bejebus out of me every time.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to bump you Brendan!!


Id ‘bump’ Brendan. He’s the best looking out there on the track…

You and Brendan should go get a ‘missed connections’ thread. :wink:

this is a procrastination opportunity too good to pass up - where do we send designs?

happy to help, chaz.

pm, or

any particular size for printing? or is just going to be distributed on the internetz?

A3 for printing. we’ll have to throw a few up around various cycling clubs. but really, it’ll be mostly internet hype.

please don’t send them in any confusing formats (jolan sent me a .rar file the other day and it hurt my head…). jpg or pdf or a weblink is about the extend of my ability…

received two so far - both excellent. and i thought you guys were in the middle of exam period.

Hey! At least we sorted it out… together.

ha, that’s about the least confusing thing you could be sent in the wonderful world of design and print

i also accept carrier pigeon. pm for address. here’s a clue.


Looks like Northcote.

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hey, due date is tomorrow. i’ve had two submissions so far, both excellent. if anyone else is considering designing something, get cracking!

i’ll email you a design tonight!

did it come through?