Brunswick Track Open - DISC - 6PM Saturday night


All CA riders from all clubs are welcome.
Junior riders (U11-U17) will race separately from seniors.

Provisional Program:

Start: 6pm

  • Heart Starter Scratch Races (8-15 laps)
  • Junior 4-up Derby heats
  • C/D grade handicap heats
  • A/B grade keirin heats
  • Derby finals
  • handicap finals
  • keirin finals
  • Motorpace Scratch (>20 laps)

I’ll be there. Hope to see all the Tuesday Track regulars there also!

pretty sure i’ll be there. think gene was up for it too. markee’s out though.

who else is in?? beaker? will? greenmachine? bryce?

will there be any kind of instruction as to how each race works? i’ve only ever ridden the tuesday night format (scratch/points/m-pace). derby/keirin/handicap, none of these i’ve ever actually raced…

Yup I’m off to the apple isle for a wedding otherwise I’d be all over it like a hooker on a dick!!

Not sure if I’ll make it. Will talk to my Ladies.

Probably can’t make it due to the crash I had this week. Neck stretched badly.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Don’t think i’m in, i’ve had to stay way too sober the last few weekends because of work and getting to the sunday training sessions, might come heckle though!

did you know you can drink in the stands at DISC…? :wink:

not in the infield though

^ that’s why I said I might come, good way to get a couple of longnecks in to me


you’re not the messiah…


BAM. Yeah down. To watch or race/get beaten.

I’ll probably come down and take some snaps if I get back from my photoshoot on time. Still need to sort out my license and stuff so I can actually start racing…

I’m in.

But more importantly, is Audrey in?

are you this month’s pin up boy for cock and hen monthly? haha
be good to see ya down there mate, even better if you’re taken pics.
but you should probably just get a license on the night and race!


this is a valid point. dave? DISC needs more excitement from the crowd, audrey is the girl for the job!

Yeah - she was getting hella rowdy at the Herald Sun Tour!

Cock and hen monthly wish they could get me.

But seriously, sorry to disappoint you Rolly, but I’ll be doing the shooting in said photo shoot.