BSC catches on FIRE!

Elizabeth st store on fire. Looks like a crazy exploding electrical fire at the back of the old building.

any of the blokes inside got off their arses yet?

Have you looted the place yet? :wink:

Any looting still to be had? :evil:

You might be able to grab a smoke damaged Scott if you’re really (un)lucky.

I don’t think it was too bad, the back of the building was kind exploding fire works style though when the fireys sprayed the dry chem on it.

Slight exaggeration george, it was really only an electrical transformer box on the corner of the building. Well that’s what it looked like when I rode past.

Smoke damaged KHS Flite… meh :evil:

Yeh that’s all. When I saw it earlier there was huge smoke billowing from the back of the building and mini explosions. You couldn’t get close because they had it taped off. Went back later and was disappointed in a big way.