BT Track

BT Track Bike with other components. Fixie. 57cm | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Scarborough | 1050597443

Shame about the horrible paint job.

quite hideous.

Looks like a camel.

Although a different size, I’d rather pay $500 more for a BT Stealth a FOA member is selling…

Paging Dromedary…

Whatever happened to that BT that showed up at Melb alley cats back in the day that had a broomstick handlebars or some kooky shit

That was some VIS kid. XbbX will know who you are talking about.

dunno what happened to the bike, but the guy who used to ride it is no longer racing. could be up for grabs…

DSC_1971 by ah_blake, on Flickr

fuck, today is all nostalgia for me.

from this alleycat:


you’re doing what we’re doing.

see also chaz’s photos: Ring of Fire | Flickr

Haha rad that’s the BT I was talking about! Haha. I can’t explain why I’m laying in the gutter in Blakey’s pic.

fuck that was a sweet event. my first fixie race in melburn.

That was a rad day. Bought a house and raced an alleycat wearing a Bombers guernsey!