buffy help line.

i have never watched buffy, but the person doing this is a friend, and they actually give pretty damn good advice. and i figure some of you out there are buffy nerds from way back, which of course also means you have a myriad of personal problems.


My wife is a Buffy nerd, and now so are her nieces.

I think they managed to watch all seven seasons in two weeks.

Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity, not to mention Avengers and Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog Dr. Horrible .
Joss Whedon is God.
It all started with Buffy for me.


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Whedon broke some fantastic ground with Buffy. It crapped about a bit towards the end with the romance stuff, but hey who can knock back “hot chicks with super powers”?!

The whole Buffy + Spike-together-but-cant-tell-anyone was some of the greatest comedy value ever.

I wasted an eternity of time at uni watching Buffy and Angel - girlfriend at the time had the massive complete box set type deal for each of them. The words “just one more episode” were bandied about far too frequently, and generally resulted in enough time being spent in front of the tellie to develop bed sores