Build a Skatepark in Brunswick

I figured this could go in one of either three threads. So If I’m wrong about the whereabouts of this post.
My Friend went to this meeting and they said that if he gets 500 people to like this fb page he can submit the idea to the moreland council thingy (politics or something if im correct). So, umm, yeah, if you like skateboarding and brunswick like the page!

Build a skatepark in brunswick

crap, maybe this should of gone in pub.

Construction of a new kick-arse skatepark in Fawkner is starting this week. Should be finished by the end of June. Sure, it’s not Brunswick, but it’s not far away. And I’m guessing you’ve got a bike to ride to get there.

Check it out…

oh, thats sick as! cant wait to skate it. Also their replacing the fitzy bowl with another one thats gonna be better.

Nice i was hoping that construction was going towards a new park!

I think that is for something else mate, I’ve heard talk of drainage and gardens and such.

Were you guys there for the resurfacing of Fitzy? jeez that was shocking.

What happened man?

when did they do this d:

They did this a couple months ago, they tried to recoat the surface and it was good for a day but then started chipping and super slippery. Ended up in really bad condition quite quickly so they had to remove it all the tell skate park users that they had “failed”.
Were you guys there when fitzy filled up with water?

nahhhh im like never there anymore

Do you know who was doing the work?

I don’t know who did the actual work but I think it was a council thing.
They either didn’t do enough research on an appropriate surface or they had too low a budget which is now costing them more.

last time i saw them coating it, it was two locals just painting it

Fawkner skatepark is almost done. Concrete works are finished, Council just need to do some landscaping and it’ll be good to go…

This park is going to breed some all terrain rippers!!

that looks like all kinds of fun…

Wow I really want to hang 5 that curvy section.

That boxy on the left is a weird shape.

Pity it’s in Fawkner

Done and done…


Nice one Dave!