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only one wheel?

Just drag out two! make the front a 3-spoke HED for that real NY courier look…

i only saw one courier on a tri spoke in NY. ugly, ugly wheels.

Four spoke rear is where it’s at.

That pedalmafia thing is great! So many bike dreams.

I knew you’d like it. It was almost just for your entertainment. The dealmaker was the TT frames I knew would grab your attention.

"i only saw one courier on a tri spoke in NY. ugly, ugly wheels. "

i guess they kinda look funny on narrow tubed track bikes, front heavy… but in that case, dont you mean
“… ugly, ugly bikes”?

i love hed 3s and really want a set if anyone has em? I think ugly (and stoopid) is the hed 3 disc.

My dream bike…!!

has anyone mentioned that you are a disturbed individual and should seek medication?
if not, allow me the honor of being the first.

what?? MEEE… what have i done!!

vdub those lugs are hot, you got some talent there boy!
This is my dream sunday cruizer:

This is my ride at the moment…Red and Black theme…

This is my ride. I got bored in photoshop the other night.

Dude I love the funny bike with HED wheel. Good effort. Cheaper than the real thing too.
If money was no object, I’d have a similar setup too… ah (sigh)

Bump this up yo.

Stacks of new shit added, retro BMXs, 24in cruisers, custom frame paint!