Building a new fixie

Hey, I am looking to build a new fixie for the purposes of doing mad tricks and mashing around town.

I built my first fixie about 3/4 months ago and have loved it ever since.

I think it is time to start again with something fresh.

Can anyone recommend some light wheel sets to get that are reasonably priced? i am currently rolling on Stars Deep V 43mm wheels, which are sweet, but they are too heavy when doing wheelies, bunny hops and other tricks.

Also, i am currently running a 48T kazane keirin chain ring and crank set up as a drive train…what is a good quality crankset and chain ring which isn’t as hard to mash as compared to a 48T ring?

Thank you all.


I’ll jump in before anyone else gets to you and suggest the search function in the top right.
Search the usual culprits (Velocity, H+Son, Stars, Alex, basically any wheel manufacturer you can think of) and read reviews.
People have a heap of knowledge stored in this site, just search to find it instead of asking first.

Ask later if you have a specific question the forums or Sheldon can’t answer.

Light wheels + ‘wheelies, bunny hops’ etc = problems

A chainring smaller than the 48T one you have will be easier to mash for you. Longer cranks will give you more leverage for mashing too. If you want, you could change the rear cog and keep your chainring? Its a ratio see - Changing either one affects the gearing.

Maybe more info on your current setup and what you want different in your new setup would be helpful to the tricks crew on here.

Could also search the Trick forum?

how does one do a mash?

Ok cool thanks for that. This is my first day on this site, so ill search around and check it out.

And by mash, i mean ride around.

like the good folks said, pls use the search function. this thread is toast!