Building acoustics

Right, I have a question for the architects on board.

The local council have built a new amenities building beside the oval across the road from home, it’s very pretty and modern and a massive improvement on the red brick eyesore it replaces…but.

The wind is coming from an unusual direction (northerly) straight off the harbour and the new building is making a sound akin to whale song/low emission hum, it’s not to bad when we have music or tv on but it’s going to do my head in at night trying to sleep.

I realise this is a 1st world problem and no I haven’t contacted council yet as there is enough sense of overly entitled pillocks around here without adding another to the list.

Help before I stab the ground keeper with his own fence picket (I know he’s not at fault- he’s actually a top fella- but he’s first cab off the rank, and anyway he’s probably loonier than me as his residence is closer than ours to the offending whistle).

It happens more often than you would think,
I have never worked on one but I have heard of it.

^cheers, my complaint about a wee bit of noise pails into insignificance compared to Bethham Tower.

Get a video? Curious to hear this in action. Worked on a few things with fins, blades and high awning roof forms but none of them have made noise, luckily.

It would definitely be worth notifying council if it is impacting your enjoyment of your residence. Its a big grey area for councils, as it is difficult to prove it disprove. You might find a few others have complained and yours tips the balance. Entitled pillock or not, impact on amenity is an issue that won’t go away unless they know about it.