Building wheelset


Was thinking of building a wheel set for my fixie. Just wondering is it still possible to get the Shimano 7600 Hub? Any recommended rims or hub that I should go for?


Shimano Australia do and do not have the hub in stock, depending on the weather when you ask them. Know what i mean? It’s still easily available online though.

Recommended hubs and rims…

good-all-round and not-too-expensive; velocity
sick-new-school but save-them-for-the-sunny-days; duraace
exy-but-heaven-on-earth; phil wood

tough-as-nails-and-hot-hot-hot; mavic open pro
wanna-be-a-poser; velocity deep v colours

and you didnt ask about spokes… but anyways
need-to-chop-sparrows; wheelsmith ae-15
everything-else; dt competitions

intended use for the bike helps a lot in these situations, eh?

my ae15s make me nervous when riding near children.

spud: what do you think/know of the Ambrosio Excel[lence/light] rims? They seem a pretty nice exchange for open pros, about the same weight, toughness and aesthetic. No idea on price tho :confused:

How about the happy-to-be-a-poseur: Velocity Aero?


Would they be poser if I removed the decals and didn’t get the ones in funky colours?

Spud makes a very good point here. The wheels on your cannondale are already very decent and street worthy. So why do you need new wheels?

“The wheels on your…are already very decent and street worthy…”

Des, be very careful, you’re sounding like a wife/girlfriend/mother…

“…So why do you need new wheels?”

What the hell kind of question is that for a cyclist to ask??? :wink:

I ask because it’ll help in some way to decide what to get.

And, yes I can be very practical/naggy/motherly/whatever at times.


Forgive me, I getting it for bling factor. Waiting to get flame =X Have already sort out what I’m gonna change on my Capo =p

Now we’re getting somewhere … there’s lots of choices for bling dude. Depends on what you want in your hub (looks? function? Performance? Strength?).

Personally, I would go for Phil Wood. Bling but practical at the same time. DAs are really nice hubs but I wouldn’t be able to abuse them as much as I would the phils.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you abuse a bike Des.

Wolf in sheeps’ clothing during meet up =p

careful of Ambrosio rims. They’re fine, but they’re weighed BEFORE they put bloody double steel eyelets in them. So add 15-20% to the quoted weight. I use Velocity aeroheads, I have three such wheelsets now. They’re great.

  • Joel

Anyone here knows how much is the velocity deep v wheelset with velocity hub??

Deep V’s are usually about $70.00 per rim (from Matt at Kookie anyway)
And Velocity hubs are about $70.00 each from Abbotsford Cycles

some spoke will be $1 each right??
Just worried about my wheel building skill heeh I havent build a wheels myself before.

The complete wheelset can be bought prebuilt by velocity. Costs about $400 … give or take depending on your relationship with your LBS.


mmmm they look pretty damn spiffty! How good is that price? Like… what’s the normal (ie not Cecil Walker) retail?

Guessing i aint in a good relationship with my LBS, got a quote for $500. Damn!

Seems usual price is about about - $850 so not a bad discount. And if they’re good enough for Ryan!

Beware: I’m pretty sure the Ellipses don’t come with a lockring, and the lockring is some weird Mavic-only thread pitch.