Built a bike, now dislike

Hey peeps
A while ago I built this bike.

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it’s pretty cool and all that, fuji track pro and spray ya bike paint job
but I dunno man
When i sent it away to get painted i just rode my roadie everywhere.
I got this back, built it up, and was like, ‘wow man, so stiff and lifeless, my beat up old gitane is much more comfortable’
So anyway, it feels fast, but I dunno if I like it.
I mean, I enjoy going fast. But it’s so harsh!
It has become a big expensive beast that I do not ride because I have a roadie and a 29er that are more comfortable, and an olldschool bmx with a bent seatpost that is more fun.

My question is, what do I do, fixed.org.au?
I have this fake nago frame from slinky that I was gonna use for a tallbike but the geo is too long, that rode nicely when I chucked the fugi’s wheels on it for a ride down to patterson lakes with some of mybroski’s friends
Or i could save some coin and buy one ofthose frames from NSP and stick the parts on, I hear those frames are pretty rad
Also, new build would have new wheels, don’t like these ones very much.


I kinda feel guilty that I’ve spent so much timeand money on custom fixay


although i wouldnt mind that spoke for shits and giggles

it would be hard to sell the complete, cos like, (cliche’d line here) it’s a part of me, you know?
Down to the little robot hanging off the seatrails, the necessary power transfer chainstay, the sparkly fuck painted on the side.

then sell it to someone you know so you can visit it every now and then

But what if they put stickers on it, or crash it into a bin truck?

Edit: but, your suggestion is appealing.

make them hang it on a wall or they can only ride it when your with them
you can hang it on a wall and every time you walk past it you get that satisfaction and you can say yeh i fucking made that and its fucking awesome


if i ever get sick of the “hillman” (which i doubt) i’d be surprised if i could ever sell it on. i’m a sentimental ol fool.

I live in a caravan, not even enough room on the walls for that sweet Chloe print my friends got me for my 21st, only enough for a few lady gaga pics I cut from the occasional magazine
But you have good ideas. I like you xavier.

thanks man,
hahahah sickkk where do you keep your bikes then?

The garage
and the shed
the good ones go in the garage, i mean.
I have more bike than I have caravan.

I heard there was a dude who ground up a car bit by bit and ate it.

Do that, then the bike will always be a part of you…

build a room on to of your caravan just for your bike with lights and everything that would be sick

or a constant pain in your arse!!

ba boom tish

hey rolly check your facebook man, I tagged you in a video

Edit: whoops, this isn’t private messaging.

Anyway, Brakefree, doe that fall under the ‘you always hurt the one you love’ kinda thing?
the passing of aluminium/aerospoke would be hurtful, but so would being ground up.

Another genius idea!
Gosh, everyone, hail xavier as your new ideas-man-king

if i were a sexy moderator type I would change you from hipster to Ideas man.
The powers that be are too sensible for that though

yeh that would be awesome, but i dont think blakeys a big fan of me but oh well…

i highly suggest you do one of the options i suggested!

Blakey is a man of impeccable taste, unlike myself, who is simply tacky trailer trash from a suburb not worth drinking in.
Apparently we have similar taste in bicycle bells though.

well we all know its the bells that count!

It looks horrible, i wouldnt like it either.

Part it out and buy a 2011 NS analog, after riding my Track bike then getting onto the NS with fat tyres, slammed seat and light gearing its fucking bliss.

yeah what he said, fuji’s are fucking horrid to ride on the street.

trick bikes fucking rule, it’s more like a mtb than anything else