bullhorns blugh

Just curious, am I the only one here that thinks bullhorns are the fuckin ugliest bars to put on a bike?

a user on here, “erik” he loves and swears by them :wink:

he was once quoted as saying “i love bullhorns soo much, they are the only bar for me”


Yeah I heard him say that too.

Yeah I sold him a $20 SET FOR $120 because he couldn’t do without them!!!

nope i agree with you they are ugly as.

I think it depends on the rest of the bike.

100% in agreement with you there.

Instantly makes a bike look like it belongs to a uni student who has spent too much time looking at fixegeargallery.

Just sayin’ :evil:

Bull horns are puke. So are deep V’s on shitty slack framed conversions. So is any saddle what so ever besides a San Marco Regal.

here’s a question
aerospoke or bullhorns?
which is worse

I have zero issue with risers on track frames and drop bars but bullhorns are gross. So many times I’ve seen them spoil the look of a really nice bike. bullshit horns

as for the previous question, beef goes nicely with potato

really depends on the build.
don’t mind some, but others can look really disproportionate, also one of the only things on a bike that look better in photos than in real life…

Hey cellardoor, why bag anybody wanting to get into the fixed scene?
Poor uni student? - I’d be just putting a bike together too if I was a poor student. I’d get a good wheelset (like with deep V rims) over a frame any day if it was my transport.
Choice of saddle - I hear you - my arse is prescious too - but I can’t go past the old Turbos.

I am a uni student, so my aesthetic values must be all fucked up, but I don’t mind the look of the Syntace Stratos 200s or similar. Others look a bit funky (in the bad way), especially flat horns with no drop.

The cockpit on my bike is a bit cramped; toying with the idea of getting some to give it a bit a bit more length. If you’ve read this thread and decided that you simply can no longer stand to have your horns because everyone thinks they are gay, PM me, I’ll buy them.

fuck the haters. if you care about things besides how your bike looks, then bullhorns are awesome. there’s a world of difference between a flop and chop and a nicely made bullhorn.

dude i agree with bullhorns… but don’t pay out deepv’s they are a good reliable tough rim/wheel… i rode a deepv for 4 months not ONE issue with it at all… had my alex wheel less then 1 month and it is rooted… if you can find me a wheel as strong as the deep v for similar price i would buy it.

who cares, whatever floats people boat.

  • 1 on the deep V.

I have a road wheelset 18 years old, radial laced front 16H, rear 24hole deep V that have survived serious punishment and given dozens of crit wins in 3 states. It has outlasted aluminium, carbon and titanium framesets.

I also commute on a fixed 20H rear Deep V on a 1930s low flange Airlite 40H hub with a 41mm hub flange spacing. I am amazed that the wheel holds together, but good gear does - and if you find something that works then stick with it.

I’ll add weight to my argument by mentioning I weigh over 100kg.

They’re pretty good for skids - having a longer ‘lever’ past your stem can help you get your weight forward and give you a bit more control than drops or risers. If you’re into that kind of thing. Just don’t try hooking your leg over them, especially if you’ve got a brake cable flopping about.

+1 for proper horns over C&F, but which is the moar street? :sunglasses:

I care. I’m writing a letter to the government to get bullhorns banned in this country. I don’t want them polluting our streets any more.

Are you trying to tell me that these aren’t the best bars ever?