'Bus your bike' trial

Just heard this on the radio, seems PTV are trialling a coupla routes with bike racks on buses.

dunno how many people on here would use it, but worth being aware of.

info here - https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/projects/buses/bikes-on-buses/

edit - seems they’ve been trialling it since April! wonder if they’re spruiking it on the radio coz it’s not being utilised much?

A majority of buses in Canberra have that and they get utilised pretty well

It bombed in Brisbane… but the general population up here seems to hate bike.

I noticed a few buses on Bell St with racks, can’t say I’ve seen any bikes in them.

have also seen them on the bus route past my place. not used, but they’re there.

I’d imagine they could do with putting a dummy bike at the front of each bus to show people what the racks are used for. But with only 2 spots, this then limits the actual usable space significantly. Maybe a big bike decal?

As Bigadz says this has been happening in Canberra for a couple years. Haven’t used it but I can see a con right of the bat, with capacity. Those racks seem to be able to take 2-3 bikes max (maybe more, not sure) so if you were planning to make use of it there’s a risk that the racks would be full pretty quickly.

that route 512 seems like the kind of route that wouldnt really need/get bike transport. the only challenge is the pascoe vale hills and everything else is flat and easily ridden, plus it seems like a short route.

510 makes more sense IMO.

or one that goes towards the airport/crosses the tulla?

in another city where ive lived this is a problem at peak hour, but outside of that people work around it. mostly the buses run with enough frequency that if you are 4th to the bus you wait it out (or be sneaky and ride up the road to a previous stop :wink: )

the key part of their use is picking routes where there is a sufficient barrier to cycling between points (either due to route length or features like hills or busy roads). otherwise they are just used as infrequent bailout/too drunk to ride options.

I’ve seen them since April but have never seen a bike on them. TBH though, I haven’t seen many people on the bus at all in Melbourne. They seem really unpopular here. I can’t imagine that many people thinking “I’m here and I need to go there, but it’s too far to ride. If only I could take my bike on the bus…”

HiAce isn’t a city pinzo.

I’ve been living here since 09, caught a bus for the first time about a month ago. was actually pretty convenient as the stop I needed was 100m from my front door.

Yeah they are often actually pretty good. Lauren catches one to work pretty often.

fuck buses man bloody hell.

Got stuck years back with silly low spoke count wheels and broke a rear spoke on the way to work. Wheel wouldnt turn through the frame so i had to carry it. Was pretty far from any train station but plenty of busses around. Even if they dont get used too often, once the install is done, it doesn’t really cost anything right?

if you use it lock ya bike on to the rack!

someone here had theirs nicked off the front…another passenger walked off and told the driver it was his, just took it and rode off.

Not much call for buses in Tarago mate…