bush turkeys revenge POLO tournament 21st of feb

heys just a quick heads up that i`m coming up to brisvegas for the 20th feb.
more details to still to come
loads of prizes
with proceeds going to haiti relief fund
sponsors far
100% KNOG
BO gear

sup william.

wish i could make it. same night as soundwave and this will be the only chance i will probably to see faith no more ever again.

In sydney. Sorry buddy!

Sounds fun Will.
What charity?

How long are you up for?

for haiti emergency relief fund, through the final step coffee house
im trying to get things together however im so busy with things done here i`m not sure how organised things will be but i do have loads of prizes.

i`ll be here for friday saturday sunday and leave monday

Sweet, should be good to catch up for a good cause and all.



Sweet! Couldn’t do Saturday night but will definitively be there for polo!

yiew. hopefully not to raped after soundwave

so no alley cat on saturday? id be keen to leave SW early for a cat. ill be drunk as shit but always keen?

wicked bad. i’ll be there. haven’t been to polo at brisbane yet, and only played a few times in londres. i haz mallet but no bike.



yes. details for sunday please.

on sunday. all players to be there by 1pm
random mix of of players for teams, drawn by name in hat…
to start at 130pm
round robin, with two top teams play out for a final
lots and lots of prizes
$6 per player
any questions
call me
on 0416 520 730

are you really william jetnikoff?

that was loads of fun! cheers will for a brill day.

p.s. did any one happen to pick up my polo ball? it’s pretty new looking, says made in canada on it (of course). i know it’s only a ball but it was a present from a friend, so it would be sad to lose it.


erin x.

erin - i think brett took 4 balls home with him so maybe he has it.

awesome day. sorry for putting brisbane bike polo back a few steps. but fuck it, it was worth it. TEAM UUURRRGGGHHH!!

cool cool, thanks johnson. i’ll pm him, what’s his forum name?

He doesn’t have one. You’ll just have to come back next Sunday to grab it then :-).

Great day of polo! The minor final was some of the sloppiest polo I think I’ve played in about a year. Good times!

wait, a fix-ie skidder who isn’t a member of a forum. is that even allowed? :wink:

i’ll come down to polo on sunday for sure.