Broke my forearm skateboarding a couple of weeks ago and just about to go completely round the bend with boredom. So…

  • How long do you wait to ride ?
  • Indoor trainer options ?
  • Any other suggestios for hperactive 38yo kids with ADHD and a cast on their right arm ?


  • Wait till the doc says your bones have ‘knitted’ and that it’s ok to ride.

  • Invite some friends over to watch some cycling video on a trainer

  • walking, coffee, soft-stalking and looong lunches with bike nerds!

Hope you healup soon, let me know if you’d like to softstalklonglunch sometime :slight_smile:

drop a tab of acid, then you don’t need friends or a bike. There will be a holiday in your brain.

Using a trainer with an upper body injury is a great recovery exercise. Only problem being trainers are fucking boring (but not on acid!)