Buy my fork - 1/18" tapered - carbon

Carbon Road Fork, 1 1/8" steerer, 39.8 mm CR, 3T Funda Pro Style

Bought this for a build I am doing but the supplier sent me the wrong part. Got told ‘to bad, so sad’ and so I’m trying to recoupe some $ if I can.

I’ll go $90 for FOA members.

If this is the case, and not a mistake on your end, I’d be kicking up the biggest stink you can come up with.

if this was 1" all* my problems would be solved.


*well some of them at least

There in lies the issue of dealing with overseas companies. Its a crap-shoot and sometimes it doesn’t always work out how you’d planned. Trust me I kicked a major stink up after trying to be nice about it, but it fell on deaf ears.

I’ll go $90 for FOA members.