buy my ken evans

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TRACK PISTA FIXED in description - buy it

can bring to melb over easter if you want to save on postage

Is it real?

Nice frame, Looks like you have a bit of a bidding war already…

Oh, and what happened to the original forks??

“Its a fake!!”

fork has a small crease in it

i wouldnt ride it so i wont sell it on

Yeh, is it?

Duh, it’s steal, of course it’s real.

steal = real.


“Custom decals in Australian themed green and gold”


if you dont love it, fuck off!

I want the forks that are in the pics…

thats a track fork in the pics, and also i dont own it

You could include the fork in the sale as the buyer may want to get it repaired? Unless it’s beyond repair…

they would need to replace both fork blades, some punter would be tempted to ride it and when it breaks and they die i would feel bad

better off in the bin

here is the email i received from the dickhead winning bidder ‘cycle93’ :

“ahh shit. I was trying to help by bumping up the price for you, And then I checked today that I won with a price of $202… WTF! since when does a ken evans go for so little. If it was my size I would purchase it, but unfortuantley it is a few cms to big. I will understand if you negative feedback me, and once again I’m really sorry.”

Blessing in disguise?
Surely you can get more than 200 for it.

started auction at 0.99 - i am happy with 200, it is what it is

if anyone wants it pm me

can deliver to melbourne this weekend

What has society come to where a man can no longer sell his excess frame without some muppet getting involved?

i smell

Yep. It’s not going that far…

Has now been sold via the forum

whoever bought it got deal of the decade.