Buyer Beware

Never heard of these frames, pretty bad though!

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Sorry, hit enter prematurely. Updated!

There are photos on their own website that clearly show their rubbish welding. Why in gods name would you drop €500 on a frame from a company that can’t even make their welds look good in their promo material?! This is a case of not doing your homework kids.

Style over substance obviously.

this is what aluminium welds should look like:

not like this:

LOL I was just about to post this after Dicé prompted me to do some homework. What is actually happening here?

Caveat: I am by no means an I accomplished welder nor am I am expert (but I have done enough to get the basic gist of it).

Poor inconsistant welds can deform the metal and are more likely to fail, plus they look shit.

Unsuprisingly there’s heaps on the web about welding. Here’s a page on arc welding faults, aluminium is actually MIG but you get the idea.

Arc Welding Faults - Examples of Speed, Arc Length, and Current Problems

… now I’m just gonna wait for Blakey, Keith or DaFrog to pipe up and tell me how completely wrong I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Have done a bit of welding and worked doing welding quality control - would not ride that frame!

Powdercoated VISP?