buying a bike from international ebay

i’m looking at buying a bike from overseas on international ebay - does any one know whether you have to pay much (after postage) in additional costs related to custom, duties or taxes?


If it’s under $1000 there’s no import tax, saying that I’ve never been charged importing over $1000.

i thought the $1k limit only applied to brand new goods made in the US. otherwise, i think its largely pot luck.

I remember when the limit went up to $1000 cos it was just after I bought some sports equipment from o/s and had to pay duty on it. Pretty sure it’s just a money limit and not on the country of origin.
Check the govt website, that’ll tell you.

i think that you might be also able to ask the seller to declare it for less e.g. $50 gift, to help avoid taxes. not sure about this

Govt Website

The $1000 is only for whole bikes or framesets i thought.
if it’s over 1k maybe you ask them to ship in in nice little pieces so it’s technically not a 1k import, but a couple of smaller ones…

or post to a variety of addresses.
There are reports that if there are multiple deliveries to the same address within a short time frame, they will be totalled and, if over the $1000 threshold, they will be treated as one purchase.
So have parts sent to different addresses.

For reference…

"All goods (except for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) may be imported duty and tax free if their value is $1,000 or less.

Note: However, where there are multiple packages to the same addressee in Australia from a single consignor overseas that arrive at about the same time, then the value of all packages will be combined for duty and tax assessment purposes."

Good luck if it gets lost, stolen or squashed. A $50 gift and a $500 gift attract the same amount of customs duties (none) but you can at least insure the latter for something close to it’s fair value and make back some (or all) of your claim. Careful with insurance too if the seller doesn’t pack and insulate it very well your chances of making a claim for damages is very slim. Read the fine print, ask lots of questions and know exactly what to expect.