buying a 'complete' fixie

what are peoples thoughts on a ‘complete’ fixie?
i had planned on restoring my dads bike and keeping as many vintage parts as possible and ride it as a commuter. after about a month of it sitting there gathering dust because of my inability to choose parts, i have been looking at buying a complete. something that i wouldnt have any worries about leaving locked up out the front of a pub.
any suggestions?
i was looking at the fuji team track bikes. very standard. no bling parts, just simple and i definitely would have no issue leaving it somewhere due to its low price. and its drilled for a front brake, which is something else i want as well.
id be looking at around hte same price up to about 1000 or so depending on what i can get, but id prefer standard and less appealling to a thief than street cred.

With $1000 you could go either way. For that much you could build up something really nice or you could buy off the shelf.

I would’ve thought that something new, whatever the quality, would look more thievable than something old. But then, maybe $1000 is too much to spend on something you don’t want stolen.

Are you particularly worried about theft or do you have to lock it up for long periods at a Uni or something?

If it were me (and I don’t have to lock bikes up for long periods usually) I’d find a nice frame and build it up. Otherwise, make sure you ride with people that have much nicer looking bikes, then theirs will get stolen first :slight_smile:

this will be something that will be locked up out the front of work when i ride on ‘casual fridays’ and also itll be locked up out the front of places at night.

im not that worried about theft, but it is an issue.
i would be painting the bike matte black or primer grey as soon as i get it, so it wont look ‘new’

the main reason why i was looking at an off the shelf one was that everything is there, its working and i see it as good value for money. especially seeing as i see this as my ‘buy and ride and not think about it ever’ bike as itll be my second bike.

Second bike?

You do realize you’re embarking on a very slippery slope here… once you’ve got more than one, it’s much easier to convince yourself that another one is justifiable, and then another, then another… and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I like the idea of a new, completely working, fixie aswell, Allegro do a bike called an “Onya” which looks pretty good value, bullbars, front and rear brakes, very YELLOW paint.

OK in that case, get a 2007 Fuji track bike. It’s cheap, durable and the parts will get the job done fine.

Then you’ll have ~$400 to start your next fixed :slight_smile:

yes i know the ‘second’ bike is a very ‘dangerous’ area, but i can control it i swear i can!!!

the fuji looks like the best value for money, so ill see what i can sort out with one of them. ill keep you posted :smiley:

Kona’s Paddy Wagon will be landing on our shores in the next month or so, and is projected to retail at about $999. I’ll be getting one as soon as they come in, and I can’t wait to try it out. The spec looks good, the hubs are formula (which is good), it comes with two brakes and is a fixed/free flip flop.

Beyond that, I’ll have to wait and see. I will submit a full report after week one.

  • Joel

What brakes fit onto a track frame (Fuji) that’s drilled for them?
Standard road brakes?

Yep standard road brakes.

Is that all? Looking at the Kona website, their RRP is similar to the Unit. So I would have thought the price would be around the $1300 mark.


was at the bike show on sat and SE bikes are doing a 700c flat bar street bike with flip flop hub in matte black. will retail for $350 and available from march next year if you can wait. apparently goldcross cycles will be selling it

it’s a tensile frame and fork with average stuff but looked pretty good

and it’s called the draught - how appropriate

sounds like a bargain to me!

Saw the SE Draft as well. It’s cheap. But it’s pretty shit. Not even worth upgrading if you’re going the “I only have this much $$$ now, so this will do till untill I can upgrade bits” route.

But it’ll be a great bike for just short commutes and running errands.

Do you mean this one:

The one at the show had a CRAP crankset on it and a free only hub, and it weighed in a touch on the heavy side… for a few more 100s, and a can of black - the Fuji seems to beat it in so many ways… I just think that if you were to fix something like the Draught, it would break in no time. Discuss?

Those two bikes were a POS. Would not touch them. They were also a ripoff as well.

The Fuji is the way to go.

Tristan - you rode your Fuji on Saturday to Brunswick?
How is the stock saddle on them?
I think i’m sold on them. n+1 is kicking in

Yeah. I have no problems with the stock saddle. The saddle is a personal thing, so YMMV.

eeew. that’s awful.

56sq fixie conversion - see:

SE Bikes are pretty good at BMX stuff and they’ve got a few other single speeds, not sure if they’ll make it to Aus though
The “Lager”

The “Stout”

Lager, Stout, DrAFT? what’s next? The AIL? :slight_smile: