buying a 'complete' fixie

I wish I had $1k to put down on a bike that I wouldnt worry about if it was stolen.
Do the conversion for as cheap as possible and do something else with the balance. Since you are not overly worried about having a $1k bike stolen or trashed donating it to charity shouldnt be a problem. How about buying a couple of bikes and donating them to underpriviledged kids.

i think you missed the point. anyone would be annoyed if their 1k ‘investment’ got stolen. i would prefer though my 1k ‘off the shelf’ to get stolen instead of something i had built up and had a connection with.

the second bike has taken a backseat at hte moment.

in relation to the post above.
there is a single mountain bike front wheel locked quite securely to the bike rack on southbank outside the WB store. its been there for months.

i’m coming back from the US in jan and was wondering what the cost of some of the complete bikes was like in aus.

IRO, cayne UNO, bianchi, fuji etc.

is it worth picking up a frame here and shipping it home? what about the componants?

IRO and Bianchi and not available in Oz.

I think it is better if you buy from the US and bring it back with you.

There are plenty more options for complete fixies in the US and I believe the prices would be a alittle cheaper there as well. Provided of course that you don’t have too pay too much to bring the bike back on a plane.


There is very little, either components or complete, that is cheaper in Oz than the States.

Bring the whole LBS home with you!

the se ‘lager’ looks alright for the money

the ‘draught’ would be a great pub bike/errand i reckon, nobody is going to nick it and its cooler than a huffy

what are some good places online to look at buying fujis?
i was looking at some 2006 models on e-bay, any thoughts on that model?

discontinuing that previous line of thought, here’s an interesting online purchase

i don’t know how crap it is, but for US$300/AU$350, there’s not much you can complain about.

Add $US100-150 for shipping, plus duties, customs agent charges & GST

yeah, it’s not worth it if you don’t live in america, or fly through there and carry it as luggage, but it’s the same price as a kmart bike for what it’s worth

I think that’s a rebadged Fuji.

It is. They come from the same factory.



Plus you could (past tense) get a Fuji here for about $600, bikesdirect charge over $150 US to ship to rest of the world. $350 + $150= $500 US for a pretty average package (hey that rhymes!). BikeNow were getting rid of their 07 Kona Paddywagons for about $700, much better deal.

Anyone heard of Schwinn Madison?? New complete bike and its ‘STEEL’. I wonder anyone here ride one??

Yes. Heard of it. There’s a review of it on fixed gear gallery I think. As far as I know, it’s not available in Oz.


$200 (approx.) for an ENO hub, $1 a spoke, $100 for rim, some labour = $360. Now you can make most bikes a fixed/Single speed.

No package deal needed…brilliant

$225 for the ENO I think. Probably $40+ for labour.

picky picky picky, ain’t ya?

Just trying to make up for your misinformation, banjo boy. We’ll sort this out on Saturday. Weather looks a bit wet - cobbles should be ummm exciting.