Buying a fixed in Sydney

Hi there,

I currently live in the U.K. but am moving to Sydney in less than a month and wanted to know if it’s easy to buy a fixed gear when I get out there (as it’s pretty hard over here). Can anyone recommend a shop that specializes in fixed geared bikes in Sydney, or is it better to just ship mine out from here, I don’t want to spend a great deal of money, I currently ride a Kona Paddy Wagon which retails for around $1,150 over here.

Many thanks


I’d say bring it with you on the plane. Depending on how much else youre bringing with you, it shouldnt be too much at all, and a lot less than a new set up.

Thanks Erle, I’ll pack it up in a box

when you say moving to sydney, are you emigrating? with all the attendant boxes of worldly goods shipped by, well, ship?
if so, shove it in a box and send it on out.
if you are just coming for a shortish stay (a year or so) consider sticking it in storage with a friend and buying a cheapo second hand replacement out here.
haven’t flown internationally for a couple of years with a bike but last time i did they wanted me to amputate a leg to pay for it.
in general, the cost of shipping a bike out is less than the replacement cost of the bike.
but if you can get a good price there for the one you have, it may be as well off to sell it, take the money plus what you save in shipping, and buy a replacement here.
do you want a new version of your baby, or maybe a new honey for some aussie lovin’?

I’m emigrating back (my parents moved here when I was very young) I wouldn’t mind getting some “aussie lovin” just a bit worried that it’d be hard to find a good shop, I like to talk to people about stuff rather than ordering parts online

some good shops, more good people.
plenty of people who can/will recommend places for you.
ask around martin place where the messengers hang out and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Cheeky Monkey is specialised in Surly and SE bike…In sept they r getting some fuji in.

It’s also one of the places couriers go to get them to grease monkey their bikes. They all know their shit when it comes to fixies and commuters and if they didn’t have what you want/need they would tell you where to get it (even if it was from another shop, or one of their mate selling a frame)