buying a thiefs bike.

anyone want to buy a ‘green mans bike’?

you would think he would be easy to spot?

The Guy who Robbed us Left His Bike Behind | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Balcatta

I am selling a green mans bike. Some a** broke into our house stole our car keys then stole our car and my mobile plus a few other bits a peices. The j*** rode his bike here; so to cover insurance and try and buy a new phone which isn’t covered by insurance I’m gonna sell this a******* bike.

Would prefer to smash the s*** out of it and burn it but now we really need the money

So if you have money to burn and you’ve ever been robbed you can purchase this bike and take all anger out on it. Have a demolition party thrash it up and down the foot path, strip it down, smash the s*** out it and then burn it.
Or buy it ride around and feel good about the fact this j*** has also been stolen from… sort of.

Please email me as I have no phone will take photos as soon as I can borrow someones mobile to upload a photo. But is green, has gears, and brakes and looks like its in good condition.

If this a** robbed you of your bike, and this is your bike, please email me and show me a photo of you with the bike as evidence and I will give it back. Although we have your finger prints robber man on our door and in the car so if you try to claim your bike and your the robber prepare to have the s*** beaten out of you by a really angry phoneless chick


lol what a story…!