So are any of youse going to be doing the official Bicycle Victoria Around the Bay this year? Anyone interested in doing the 250km fixed?

I would most likely do the 210 but if i train enough i reckon i could be up for the 250!


Yeah, I signed up for the 250 a few weeks ago. Must say I’m still weighing the pros and cons of official vs. unofficial ATB. Can always do it both ways I guess - only way to be sure.

Yep! Im doing it regardless, fixie sounds like the go tho.

I’ll be dusting off the roadie and doing the 210 with the work mob.

So are you doing it ndf?

Yeah i’m still planning on doing the 250 fixed. Should have my entry in this week, I’ll let you know.

Some longer rides coming up on the events calendar - keep you eye on the meets section :slight_smile:

This pleases me. I’ll be very interested to hear you and DaFrog’s thoughts on nutrition, gearing, training etc. knowing that you’ve done some long audax rides fixed. Though not necessarily fixed specific, and maybe very boring for some, said topics will loom large when faced with 10+ hours in the saddle.

Dunno if you’ve done ATB before - I haven’t - but I’m planning on riding the whole thing in parts before doing it all. Geelong to Melbourne anyone? Muhahahahaha…

You’re asking ndf that? I’m 96.13% sure that he’ll say “Harden the f%$& up”.

You’re asking ndf that? I’m 96.13% sure that he’ll say “Harden the f%$& up”.

yeah, that and: ‘grow a beard’ :wink:

From an MTB enduro point of view, I’d say get yourself some endura drink mix (the one with magnesium to prevent muscle cramping) and pack some easy-to-eat carby (with some protein too) snacks so that you can eat as you go and not run out of energy (aim for something nutty or grainy rather than totally sugary.

Training? Dunno.

Gearing - personal choice there (eg, I run 60 inches on the street, but others run more. I am the odd-one-out running a gear that low it seems). Maybe run a gear that is slightly shorter than your everyday gear, so that you’ll still be able to turn the pedals when you’re feeling knackered towards then end of the ride?

Good luck, I’m not sure if I’ll do the ATB…


Devastating in its simplicity. What the fuck was I thinking? So for training I’ll do the whole 250 every day, I’ll carry a case of Melbourne Bitter on my back and for food I’ll just smoke Winny Blues. Fucking sorted! :evil:

Gah! Still so much to learn…

Thanks for the tips all. My position is something that needs working on - always get sore neck/shoulders after about 4 hours. Think I’ll look into grips/gloves as well to help with vibrations. Agree with staying away from really sugary foods too - I get sick of them after a few hours. I think a sack of nut bars is the go, or something along those lines. Never tried endura but I’ve used gatorade before and it gets pretty sickly-sweet after a while too.

Moustache - ATB is in October so I guess I can get a headstart for Movember?


Training: Work out your weekly distance and then gradually increase it. Recover between rides.

Nutrition: If you’re hungry eat, if not schedule eating times. I like figs and dried fruit, but you’ll need to experiment, probably need to force yourself to eat periodically, like every 40 mins or something. Google and be skeptical.

Hydration: Drink water. Like Mikey said - Magnesium/Calcium drinks are good to help prevent cramps. same deal - be very skeptical.

Comfort: Get your position right and ride it a lot. That goes for gearing too. Just use a gear you’re comfortable on.

It’s not like you are going for the world’s best time for the ATB, so there’s no need to take it too seriously. The route is fairly irrelevant, just get your weekly distance up to somewhere above the ride length and you’ll be fine. As you get your weekly distance up, go for some longer rides, you’ll work out what works best for you. It will probably be different to everyone else :slight_smile:

Thanks again fellas, some good stuff there to try out.

Oh and one other thing, please don’t chew on magnesium wool or chalk to increase your intake of magnesium and calcium.