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Ok so not fixed but requested here

Dean El Diente custom, 60TT, 59ST standard angles. Record, Easton, Thomson, King etc. Wheels are CXP33 with DT Comps on Chris Kings (lovingly hand crafted by me). Drivetrain’s a bit of an experiment - Record but with Chris King hubs with AC cassette, crankset is DA with Rotor Rings. Detail may be a bit hard to make out in the semi-chaos of my shed. Gotta getta betta camera.

Sister ship - Paconi made for me from columbus EL-OS about 6 years ago, full Chorus, some Easton, Thomson, wheels are OPs on Record with DT comps (also lovingly handcrafted by me).

The whole fleet

Lovley bikes CC :slight_smile:

I SO wish I had an awesome bike shed like yours… one day :evil:

Is that a scooter in the last pic? Do you use that for dog sledding?

It’s a kickbike. I believe they are a scourge on Brisbane streets. I used to commute on it when I lived closer in, now mrs commuter has sort of claimed it. I don’t use it for dogsledding , but we do have a cat…

That looks kind of fun, what speeds can you get up to on a nice steady downhnill?

I would like to see a pic of the cat tied up to the sled.

Can punt along at 25k easy on the flat, over 30 becomes hard work. Have hit 60 on a couple of decent downhills, it’s amazingly stable at speed.

It’s a scooter.

but nice collection, do you see any difference in performance with the rotor-ring or is it all voodoo?

We should call him Captain Sastre! :evil:

I haven’t seen that many around my hood. One guy did the Brissie to the Bay on one (about 65kms) and he is the only regular rider that I see in and around the city. I’ve seen more unicycles here than when I was in Melbs.

I needed some new rings and found the rotors for cheaper than a DA set so I took a punt on them.

I think they do something, not sure how much. How you position the rings makes a big difference, the trick is to find a ring orientation that feels smooth to you to spin. If they’re in the wrong spot they feel lumpy and weird.

I’m definitely quicker on the Dean than the Paconi but there are a host of other factors, among other things it’s a stiffer bike. I don’t know if the rings make for more speed per se but I definitely don’t tire out as quickly on the rotors, one of their supposed benefits. Shifting is a little compromised on the front but it’s no biggy.

Where’s the recumbent? :roll:

that bike shed makes me happy in the pants…

Oh how i wish i had a rad storage solution… for a loungeroom since i dont have a shed for my apartment, I was using a standalone clothes rack and hanging my bikes by the seats but i could only fit 3 in there… i think standing bike vertically is the ticket to making my housemates happy.

nice bike too,

what are the bikes with the SMP and Regal saddles?

SMP is on this one

Regal is on this one

I cant believe this thread almost got jacked talking about a kickbike!

That Dean… El Capitan, i really, REALLY like your style. That bike is fantastic. the details… the drivetrain… its nicely done.

Dean, Moots, Merlin. I can’t separate them as my favourite titanium bikes. Dean certainly has the best decal.

Do you remember when dan mcpherson first appeared on neighbours? he was a triathlete and his Dean made it on camera a few times.

Sometimes the possum family that lives in the roof pisses on my bikes. I get my own back by wailin’ on the speedball during the day :evil:

sell me your shamals :wink:

I’ve got bike quiver and shed envy, in equal parts.