C Record Century.


Rare CINELLI Super Corsa ROAD BIKE Columbus SLX Campagnolo COMPLETE | eBay

I have been talking my self out and in of this all day.
Not a bad price

I’d buy it just to part it up and keep the frame. Hard to say but it looks like it will need a refurb/paint. Still think it’s worth only $1500 as it is and as a whole bike though.

is their other frame worth $450? looks like it could clean up pretty nicely…?

i’ve been watching a supercorsa this week, but i don’t think my pockets are deep enough…

1986 CINELLI SUPERCORSA / COLUMBUS SLX / 52cm x 52cm /// N° 334 | eBay

LOLz… vintage alright :smiley:

Rare NWT Hobo DUMPLINGS DOLL Must See Large Size Vintage | eBay

This i was thinking i could get it for $1700 and get a almost free frame

Atala isn’t too shabby. go check it out rolly??

haha nah, I got no need/cash for another bike, was just curious as I’d not heard of atala before.

Des, from the very early, Sat morning ride days, had an Atala.

A friend of mine bought it of him, and then sold it to another friend.

This is my old one:

I got it off rogerrabbit and sold it to another forum member.