c1970's Kaga clincher rims

I thought I’d see if anyone else out there knew anything about the rather strange ‘clincher’ rims that I have on my c1970’s Hillman fixxie…

They are a Kaga 28 x 1 1/8 w/o rim, except that they don’t have the lip on the inside of the rim that locates and locks in the bead of a modern clincher tyre.

Kinda like a deep section tubular, except with rim tape… One mechanic has suggested that it might be a rim for some kind of high-pressure track clincher, but had no suggestion what tyre would have been used on such a rim and whether I could source one these days.

I have been running Maxxis Refuse 25mm tyres at about 80-90psi, and problems arose today when I ran them at 100psi (which in hindsight seems to have been too much pressure) and the tyre blew off. Twice. The second time the tyre also blew itself off its bead.

Not much fun really.

Soooo… short of getting new rims*, or perhaps a new sealed wheelset, does anyone perhaps know of this rather strange rim profile and have any suggestions regarding what tyre I might be able to use? (Sheldon doesn’t seem to mention Kaga as a component manufacturer, which makes the hunting-down of info hard…)

At the moment I’m leaning towards installing a really robust rim tape a wire bead tyre and not running it above 80psi.

  • these wheels are circa late 1970’s Sunshine ProAm hubs laced to the Kaga rims with unknown spokes. The star pattern in the hub flanges is pretty and they roll nicely. It’d be a shame to retire them but I’m not sure if I’d lace up the old Sunshine hubs to a new rim… Any suggestions of what rim would be appropriate if I did perhaps?

Strange as it seems maybe it isn’t a clincher after all, or not a clincher as we know them. Singles are sometimes called 28 inch tyres.

Velocity Aero - end of story. Ask Rogaine.

If I am reading your description correctly (pictures do help), the rims have sidewalls retaining your tyres but no lip on the inside of the sidewalls. If so, that was normal practice before Michelin designed a hooked-bead rim (in the 70s?) and matching folding tyre. Keep the pressure down and it’ll be fine, otherwise you’ll know about it. Clinchers never used to be high-pressure tyres, you used tubulars for that!

Yup, that is correct and given their age, it probably makes sense!

I’m wondering what pressures would be considered ‘safe’ then? I guess I could go on what I know and stay under 80-90… is that what the pre-hooked-bead rims were rated to?

Here’s some dodgy phone-camera pics (only thing at hand) for reference:

These pics do show the depth of the rim section and the rim tape on the inside of the rim.

So long as I knew what the accepted operating pressures were for such a rim, I’d feel reasonably comfortable continuing to use them. Thanks.

Rogaine: a comment? (now that the pressure is on! :wink: )

And Nick, how much is an Aero compared to a Mavic Open Pro? (which St Kilda Cycles said cost about $120 upwards)

well, i’m a bit of a fan of the aero, the original velocity. under-used these days and not always easy to find. dan has given 'em appropriate recognition by speccing on his fixed wheelset - a ripper deal BTW - the hubset is again underrated (lynn will be able to get them for you if no-one else)

but i need to confess to the latest wheel build with razors!! phil lo flange and lo(ish) profile rim

Check with Dan or Lynn to be sure but when Dan built the Suntours with Aeros, the rims were about $70 each. Open Pros are probably around the $110 mark or so.

I think Aeros would suit your hubs a lot better, aesthetically.

70 psi was considered reasonably high back then. I tend not to go above 80psi and to choose tight fitting tyres (the opposite of my normal practice).

Thats’ just what I was wanting to hear, thankyou.

Wire beads and a softer ride, here I come.

(and failing that (hopefully not…), Velocity Aeros. Cheers guys.

never used them and don’t really know anything about them, but are the Tufo Tubular Clincheran option? high pressure on current rims??

john at fastgear has deals running a the moment i believe


They rely on the ‘bead’ to anchor themselves IIRC, and these rims have no hook for the bead.

The Weinmann 27x1 1/4" rims on my Super Course MkII are also alloy clincher with no hook, so 80psi is about all you can safely manage.

(rogaine: Did John hook you up with some tufo tape? I have some sealant if you want to put it in your choobyoulars too)

OK, that scotches that one!!

yep, tape is on the way, and i’ll stick some sticky in too, thanks!

Did everyone fail to see these wheels? God Damm they are nice…

taa for the suggestion Rogaine, but she is a street machine (for now), so toobyoulars would be an interesting gamble! :wink:

…and it’s good to hear that I’m not the only person out there with hookless clincher rims! 70-80 PSI it is.

This info has been most valuable, I picked up an old track frame minus forks but came with these KAGA rims and I looked at them and thought what the#$%^#?
They came laced to some dia sunshine hubs rear flip flop, some sugino mighty cranks, the bloke wanted to give it to me but I had to say Im not taking unless I give you $20 beer money! DONE!!
But am looking for some 700 c forks with about 18 cm steerer toob.
frame is a jj special ??? anyonw know it??

It sounds rubbish - I’ll give you some beer money for it (just so you don’t end up out of pocket). It’ll feel right at home with the Sunshine hubs and Kaga rims I have… :wink:

Nah it’s too tall for you Mike, it better come this way :wink: