CAAD road + lefty?

equals Slate, interesting. (off polly)

edit shit, didnt realize i pipped 7k

That took a long time to appear on the radishfest.

650b is cool
Lefty is cool

This is not cool

I strongly dislike those one sided fork thingos. always have.

I like, always have.

So, I have one of the first of these on order in Australia…should have it my hands in around Sept/Oct.

Have you ridden one, or is more a visual thing?

Nice! what will you be using it for?

purely visual. I’m sure they go alright.

Bikepacking, gravel and exploration rides. I’ll cull my fleet by two, and replace it with this.

This will so be forgotten in a year or two… Lammmeoo

I have symmetrical OCD and just cannot deal with the idea of a one sided fork.


How do you go with drivetrains???

I love the idea that big manufacturers are moving away from selling every road bike as a race bike, its refreshing. Tech on suspension is now good enough (platform damping and super light designs) it could transition to road bikes and maybe be useful.

But trust Cannondale to fuck up a potentially good idea. With 405mm chainstays and no rear damping it’ll ride like a meth addict down a set of stairs.

It’s an every day struggle believe me.

Flows = overkill

Love it,
I can’t be bothered reading it to see if this is one but,
A cannondale tech put a 650b fork on a 700c cross bike a while back

-even though lighter than other sus forks, its heavy for what is a gravel bike (assume 1kg weight?)
-lefty is a massive pita for sourcing front wheels
-complexity: needs maintenance.
-just looks completely overkill for its intended use

If you chucked a rigid fork on I reckon it’d be a goer

650b road bike with synapse geo, zoooom

Anything with a Lefty is ok in my books.