So I guess I should start a thread for the new/old cross bike I’m building up…

After a few years on the CrossCheck, I decided that I didn’t really need anything as quite as ‘versatile’. I only used it as pretty straight up cross bike during winter and road training the rest of the time (hadn’t even been running fenders for the past couple of years). And there were a couple of little things about the Surly that really irked me - mainly the dumb-ass 132.5mm rear spacing and horizontal dropouts, and the fact that it was a good kilo heavier that I wanted it to be. So change was in order.

Decided to try and hunt out a secondhand CAADX cos it fitted the bill and I knew that one could be had pretty cheap, with everyone now moving to discs. And I saw Dean’s CAAD9which @Rooster shot and thought it looked shit hot.

Anyways I picked up a 51cm 2014 CAADX 105. Here it is stripped down and awaiting parts the the build:

UPDATE: Complete Build pics and specs on Page 3

Diceeee… Im loving your logic and will be subscribing to this thread!
Good luck with the BB30, hopefully no creaking.
Brakes- cantis??

if your running shimano/gxp, go the praxis.

but yes, sub’d

Love it,

Cheers fullas.

H, brakes? thought I’d give mini-Vs a go and have bought a set of TRP CX8.4s. TBH I never really had an issue with cantis - was running Paul Neo-retro/Touring combo on the CC and liked them a lot (…now gone to live with @mouche) - but just thought I’d try something new (FOMO)… also will be running a full carbon fork and didn’t want the dreaded brake judder. Will switch them back to cantis if i find mini-vs too on/off.

As for BB30, yep, was not super keen on the maintenance of BB30 so on the prior advice of some FOAmafia have fitted a PraxisWorks BB30>GXP conversion BB (thx Dayne, Scotty et al). Will be running the Rival cranks from the CC.

Okay, so I was hoping to have some progress to report today maybe a pic or two of a frame with some parts fitted. But NO DICE… I went to install my cranks on the frame and my mechanic friend, who shall remain nameless, has installed my Praxis Works BB the wrong way round … AND unfortunately he also happens to live 150kms away!

Truth be told, its kinda funny really. I haven’t had the best luck with this build so far. First off, I bought the bike off a chap down country, and had my brother who lives down there collect it, box it up and send it up to me. Which was awesome, except for the fact that he neglected to protect the head tube, which was in turn, customarily dropped by the couriers; resulting in a nice little flat spot to the top edge of the HT.

Thankfully the dent was relatively minor and could be remedied by re-reaming the upper cup. However, Campy tools are quite scarce in NZ, and reamer/facer tools for 44mm hiddenset are doubly so. To say hen’s teeth would be putting it mildly. I think I called around half of the country before calling upon my aforementioned friend, who, being totally awesome, said he was happy to buy the tool and do it for me! (hence why I can hardly be mad about the BB whoopsy). And he also puts on great cross races too.

Its not all bad news though. The bike as I bought it was a Hubbard’s wet dream. Laden with a mishmash of exxy ‘upgrades’ – short stem, wide and deep carbon bars, tri saddle. So much blurgh. All of which I was to flip and get some good coin for. So much so that the frame was practically free. And further to that I’ve got a box containing some with nice shiny parts to fit to it when I get it back from the shop. (I took it down the road and got my LBS to fix it).

So yeah, thats my coolstorybro. Totally inching to build and ride the damn thing… Its been a good month without a cross bike and I’m really missing it. I do hope that that’s an end of the bad luck. fingers crossed!



No dice!

LHD Cross is the new fixed

Yeaaaahhh, I think I’m gonna take a page out of your book and buy myself some headset removers and a press. Sick of fucking around.

eBay user mtbtools headset press and cup remover is pretty good for little $$$

Thanks Zach. Yeah I’ve used their derailleur hanger tool before. No-nonsense gear. I like it.

Fuck yeah! Dean’s CAAD9 is so rad. Favourite of mine. I know your taste, Dan so I’m this build will be mint. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Started fitting it up tonight. Will cable it tomorrow night and get a ride in on the weekend to work out the stack and then cut and fit the new fork next week. Woot!

Hey nice work with the cranks on the right side eh!!!
Looken good DICE

This rules!!!

All coming together and looking stunning.

Loved the coolstorybro too!

Edit: now feeling like chucking the crosscheck and getting a proper crosser.

Yep very nice.

It’s a bit too late to get Keith to do that now

Do it!

Ditto! Another lilliputian too :o