Cable Routing

I need some help with cable routing lads.

Searching on here and google has just left me confused.

Sheldon gave me some of the ‘basic principles’ but m confused about which side the front brake is, (I’m leaning on DS is for front, NDS rear), but then the cable routing will be funny?

Gypsy? Kanye? I’ve heard you guys are pretty good with this, whats the word?


My understanding is that traditionally (in Australia & England etc because we drive on the left side of the road) Front = DS and Rear = Non DS to allow you to control the rear brake with your left hand and signal turns etc with your right, as the law requires. So, opposite in Europe and the USA.

Correct. As noted, Yanks do opposite.

the Eddy Merckx shows how big your penis is if you use a right lever for the front brake.

Front brakes are designed for a left side lever.

I don’t care for the arguments against it.
Get over it and get used to it.



You heard, stop acting fey.

It’s too ingrained for me to switch now.

I rode a motorbike back in Perth before I moved to Melbourne.

I reckon I will always brake with right/front left/rear, especially when needing to pull up quickly.

People say and think that but it’s not true and anyone can easily adapt.

The reason why left front became the standard (as sidepull brakes gained popularity in Europe) was because most riders are right handed and having the less powerful left hand control the more powerful front brake made for a better brake balance (or bias). Over the years brakes have become lighter in feel and levers better designed to actuate with less input to where it’s not an issue any more.

It really doesn’t matter which way you set up your front brakes but this old wog won’t hesitate in tsk tsk’ing you for using a right front strictly from a style perspective. I also think it’s safer in Oz to have a left front as most of our right turns require you to either signal and/or cut accross traffic and I’m much more comfortable knowing my left hand/front brake is at the ready.

I’ll also add that whingers who want to replicate what’s on their motor bikes can get stuffed. Bicycles came first.

I only ride brakeless fixies so this debate is largely academic.

i had to scrap, and start again with my muscle memory when swicthing from wii to ps3 for call of duty.

i’ve learned from the pwning, i’m not gonna do the same on my bike.

Popcorn thread.

Right front, left rear. Maybe on a show bike I’d do it differently, but I value my flesh too much to mix it up on a bike I ride a lot. Just shorten the cable runs and you wont be left with ugly loops of cable from bars to front caliper.

owing to my rampant obsession with 'cross i run left/front, right/rear as this makes dismounts massively smoother (you can control braking while mid-dismount without endo-ing or having to ‘bart wellens’ dismount).

plus thats what the PROs do.

irrespective - i’m co-ordinationally challenged enough normally that im not switching as the resultant crashes will not be nice.

As Spirito said, you can easily adapt - I’ve changed them up fairly frequently on a range of different bikes depending on which way gave me the best cable routing… and it’s never fouled with my motorbike riding (just like when I get back on my treadly, I don’t try and change gears with my fuking foot)

Yeah, just ride with your arms crossed.

I call BS spirito- I mean you’re recommending changing a fundamental part of bike control, because of some obscure Euro aesthetic. No thanks, I’d rather not crash.
There is no point in changing if you are happy with front/right.

I remember an interview with Renshaw, and he was saying he is one of the few in the peleton without “euro braking”

If the euros do it, it must be correct. More likely, they use the left hand on the front brake to strengthen their left hand so that when paying homage to themsleves, they can spread the load (yes) of of doing so over 2 hands.