Cable Routing

Ok, I’ll go anti-euro with the brakes no problem. What about derailleur
Cable routing? Should that loop through each other at the front, or Sheldon says you can cross the cables at te frot, then have them cross again under the DT creating an ‘X’ to get them back on the correct side! Aesthetically this will look better at the front of the bike, but the crossed cables under the DT might be naff? Thoughts?

Cross under DT. Better front housing shapes.

I swapped to LH front when I broke my right elbow as I lost a lot of grip power in my right hand - all bikes are that way now, plus the internal routing for the rear brake on my Concorde really didn’t like coming from the left.

no whingeing here, and as an adult, motorbikes came first for me. most bikes before that for me had back pedal brakes…

right rear brake, rear derailleur on left side of HT.

As spirito mentions, brakes are designed to be left front with the actuation on the right side of the caliper. Likewise if a bike has an off centre rear brake cable routing, it will generally be on the left hand side of the bike (US and Euro made, of course… aussie stuff might go the other way, forcing a switch).

Again, your bike will tell you which way to route the derailleur cables, you either force a bend in the cable to put rear on the right, and watch said bend rub into the paint, or you take it around to the left side of the bike, allowing a nice arc to the cable, which aids shifting performance and means that your cable doesn’t touch your headtube unless your bars are way turned to the right. Same for the front derailleur cable.

You can uglify your frame and ride like “everyone else” or cable it as intended and ride like your bike wants you to.

I agree with Spirito - the right hand thing, the caliper direction, aesthetics, yah-de-yah and all that.

Unfortuntely I’m used to riding MTBs with Antipodean controls and thus will probs ride with my brakes backwards for a while longer. One day when I can be arsed I’ll swap em but too much effort to do it right now. I like not having to think when I approach a switchback.

Incidently my wife rides Euro controls as thats her preference - totes pro.

my commuter will forever be right-front left-rear, as i spent all my time on the hoods. left just doesn’t have the strength for emergencies.

and after last weeks effort of not t-boning a car from very close range (i thought she saw me and the wife with our bright flashing lights and obnoxious colored tops, but alas she took off when i was 5 meters from her). if i was set-up euro-pro, i would’ve headbutted the driver through her window, as well as reshaped my bike and her door.

Is that a fixie?

Correct a noob if im wrong, but it seems either way has no real performance benefit or detriment over the other (assuming modern running gear).

Seems an almost equal amount use either routing with no adverese effects

So it simply comes down to aesthetics and which way the bike tells you to route, ie top tube internal routing holes angling a certain way.

Im personally running Front Brake DS and rear brake NDS, with FD NDS and RD DS via the ‘cross’ method under down tube.

front calipers are designed to have front brake lever on the left, otherwise the cable stop would be on the other side of the caliper

i see no other solution to this…


and when you run canti’s?

cantis are not brakes, they are antique devices that gradually slow down a bicycle

I’ll see your left front Euro and raise you a right front Japanese.

What, so right/rear?
Who cares about a little cable rub

You would think so, but you’d be mistaken. Just like all bikes that aren’t red, are actually just a steaming pile of shit with wheels.

Lame argument … show me a current Asian manufactured brake with a left arm housing/cable location. They and the Euro straggles all changed to a standard right sided caliper within a few short years.

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Thats what I did at first, I was informed that it flies for new carbon but not on vintage steel.

Yeah, yeah…nobody does right-fronties now. Doubtless all cause the US followed the Euro rear-front braking? Fucken’ US.

Why not? I cant do it on my C5, cause it has internal cable sleeves.

Right rear brake, yes. Rear derailleur cable (coming from RH STI/Ergo) going in to the left hand DT/HT stop. Incidentally, I really like HT stops and all modern bikes designed for STI/ergo should have em. Cuts weight of outer needed and pretty much means you’ll never have to worry about rub, whichever way you cable it.

Who cares about a little cable rub!? Its the PAINT on your BIKE. Its precious, yo.

I’ve only ever had one high end steel bike, it was from Italy, and it came assembled with a crossed derailleur cable under DT (and of course right rear brake). I don’t mind the cross, but i also wouldnt mind if someone came out with a screw on under bb guide that took left cable to RD and right cable to FD… itd have a a little bridge on it, and it would be pretty awesome, and for weight weenies, it would be Ti and weigh less than the extra cable previously needed to cross.